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2 dives

1 instructor for 2 divers*

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Get back in the water!!!

If you are certified but haven’t dived for a long time, you will need a scuba diving refresher course in Bali. Indeed, it is important that you feel as confident as possible with the equipment, diving techniques, and safety rules, in order to fully enjoy all the wonderful dive sites surrounding Amed and Tulamben.

Don’t worry, the refresher course you’ll have to go through will perfectly fit the dives we offer and will only make your experience more enjoyable. You will then be able to fully appreciate your diving in Amed in a serene and chilled atmosphere.

A two-step scuba diving refresher course

First, we will start with a complete briefing, to get you accustomed to the equipment, communication, and diving fundamentals again. Then, we will practice some essential skills at the beginning of the dive to get back into the swing of things. Do not hesitate to tell your instructor about any skill you might feel less confident with so you’ll be able to focus on them, first and foremost.

The refresher course will enable you to get comfortable again with buoyancy, in order to move serenely underwater. Skills such as the hover or the fin pivot, at different depths, will help you understand and feel changes in pressure underwater.

Safety is one of scuba diving’s most important watchwords! You will also be able to review or learn the use of fast air releases on the BCD.

Your refresher course will adjust to your experience, needs, and expectations.

Skills designed for your certification and knowledge

  • equipment assembly
  • Buddy check
  • Mask clearing
  • Regulator clearing, and regulator recovery
  • buoyancy, communication, fast air releases use
  • Deepwater entry, fin kicking techniques, and breathing techniques

*1 guide for a maximum of 4 divers (of the same level) during the high season (from 01/04 to 30/11).

8am to 12.30/1pm
Number of dives
1.300.000 IDR
Minimum age to dive
12 years
Not having dived for more than 1 year but having a diving certification.
Maximum depht
Depends on your certification