Level 2 ANMP

École Française de plongée ANMP

Supervised divers from 20 to 40m and autonomous diver from 0-20 m (PE40 & PA20). This course is more technical as it is establishing autonomy in the scuba diving world, which includes, among other things, navigation and rescue of a distressed diver. It also gives divers the possibility to dive from 20 to 40 m supervised by an instructor. This level is perfect for divers who want to dive deeper, mainly to observe various wrecks, but also for divers who are looking for greater autonomy while diving.

5 to 6 days
Number of dives
10 + Théory + Exam
700 €*
Minimum age to dive
16 years
Requirement for the certification
Have L1 or equivalent + 15 exploration dives
Maximum depht for training
Diver with supervision 40M
Autonomous diver 20M

* prices in IDR will vary depending on the current XE rates


Boga shipwreckLiberty shipwreck* (8am-1pm) + Theory (2pm-3pm)


*This program may be modified depending on sea conditions.

Bunutan + Jemeluk wall* (Drift dives)


*This program may be modified depending on sea conditions.

2 dives by day + Théory + Exam

You can also do the PE-40 and PA-20 certification separately: