Level 2 PA-20

École Française de plongée ANMP

It allows you to dive within an organized structure, independently up to 20 m with one or two other divers of the same qualification as you, with the same skills or Level 2 holders.

You have a level 1 or equivalent, you have already made a few dives, and you would now like to be able to plan and manage your dive without an instructor, this training is for you.


3 to 4 days
Number of dives
Minimum age to dive
18 years (autonomous)
Requirement for the certification
Have the N1 or equivalent + 10 exploration dives
Maximum depht for training
20 M (autonomous)

* prices in IDR will vary depending on the current XE rates


2 dives by day in Jemeluk Bay + Théorie (8am-4pm)