Nitrox 40% Course

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Nitrox: Why Use It?

The word “Nitrox” is formed from the English terms “nitrogen” and “oxygen.” Diving with Nitrox involves using a mixture of air enriched in oxygen and therefore depleted in nitrogen, also called EAN for “Enriched Air Nitrox.”

The advantage of using this type of gas mixture during one or multiple dives is that it reduces nitrogen uptake, which helps:

  • Improve dive safety
  • Reduce fatigue after diving
  • Increase your no-decompression limit

Our nitrox course

To dive with Nitrox, it is essential to undergo specific training that allows you to dive with an enriched air mixture containing up to 40% oxygen. This course is relatively straightforward and will teach you the rules and procedures for using this enriched air mixture.

You will learn how to plan your dives according to the oxygen content of your gas mixture, which you will analyze beforehand.

The training includes about 1 hour of theory and 2 practical dives in open water.

8am to 12.30/1pm
Number of dives
200 Euros*
Minimum age to participate
16 years
Be certified Open water or Level 1.

* prices will vary depending on the current XE rates