Discover scuba diving

2 dives

1 instructor for 2 divers

A personalized video offered

Discovering an amazing shipwreck

Your First Scuba Experience

It is your first time diving, or you don’t have a diving certification yet. You will have to go through a Discover Scuba Diving in Amed  if you don’t want to miss one of the legendary facets of Bali.

If you choose to do your Discover Scuba Dive with Abyss Dive Center Bali, we will first offer you the possibility to discover Coral Garden. This incredibly beautiful dive site is between a 0 and 12m depth and has a gentle sandy slope that will allow you to get accustomed to the equipment while discovering the underwater weightlessness.

We will then offer to take you on a second dive on the famous U.S.A.T Liberty shipwreck, immersed between 3 and 30 m, found at the foot of Mount Agung and lying on a black sand bottom. You will have the opportunity to meet the incredible fauna and flora of the wreck diving at a maximum depth of 12 m.

The first step towards a diving certification

A Discover Scuba Dive in Amed, Bali is an unforgettable experience for every aspiring diver.

Abyss Dive Center Bali will guide you during this important step of a diver’s life and will ensure a safe discovery of the underwater world, supervised by qualified instructors.

If it’s your lucky day you might also have the chance to encounter some of the stars of the local underwater world: turtles, napoleon wrasses, and reef sharks!

However, a Discover Scuba Dive in Amed is not a diving certification. If you want to go diving again, you will have to do another Discover Scuba Dive again. If it is a great way to get introduced to the underwater world, and if you’ve enjoyed it, maybe consider the next step and ask us for some info about our diving certifications and we will make it our pleasure to guide you towards the one that will suit you the best.

8am to 12.30/1pm
Number of dives
1.450.000 IDR
Minimum age to participate
10 years old (subject to the dive director's approval for 10-12 years, considering the child's morphology and comfort).
Know how to swim
Maximum depht
The maximum depth is 12 meters, but it will be adjusted based on comfort level and sea conditions.